The Poland Podcast, Season 2, Episode 1



We’re back Baby!

Season 2 of The Poland Podcast kicks off tonight.

Here’s our topics for our first episode back:

WTF’s been happening in Poland since you last heard us

Gowno Prawda! (Bullshit!)

Today in History

Fat Thursday/Herring Day/Lent is Bullshit

Uncle Janek pays us a visit

Our Bar/Restaurant Review

Brian’s Bog Trotters

& Confessions/Advice

It’s great to be back and thanks for listening

Episode 22, Elections

Hello you lovely people,

We’re back with another episode!

This week we have a look at the 3 upcoming elections that will be happening in Poland, Ireland and the UK.

And Brian gets given a brick.

Episode 16, War! Huh! What is it Good For?


The gruesome twosome are back again this week.

This time around we try and make some sense of the situation in Ukraine, are we really living beside a war zone?

Will it get worse or better? And is living beside a war zone all that bad. We’re Irish, we lived only a few hours away from a faux-civil war in the 1980s & 90s.

We have our usual nuggets, our favourite Beer of the Week, a Song of the Week, from a very famous and well-loved Polish band and a differing of opinions with a cranky auld bitch of a neighbour.

You know where we are, so get in touch, we love hearing from yous.


Episode 12, Politics!

Right, we’re bitten the bullet!

We’ve been asked about it before and knew the day would come eventually, so we’ve tackled a subject that we really, really we nervous about.

We’re probably upset you all at least once, but that’s OK, we upset ourselves all the time. What an awful world it would be if we were happy all the time. Sure we wouldn’t be people then, we’d be Canadians or something.

Anyway, pretty much everyone we talk about gets a roasting, except for Donald Tusk, Poland’s formerĀ  PM and the Irish comedian Dylan Moran. Jarek Kaczynski is so unimportant that he didn’t even warrant a mention.

Anyway, let us know what we got wrong, we love hearing for you lovely, sexy, beautiful, patient people.