The Poland Podcast, Season 2, Episode 7

We’re back once again with Episode 7 from our second season

Today we have a natter about the usual suspects

Fan Mail & Questions

Gowno Prawda

Today in History

The second part of our interview with Irena who talks to us about her days in Solidarność during Martial Law in Poland

The new Yes/No & Random Question Generator section

& the return of Brian’s Bog Trotting

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Take care, see you all soon




The Poland Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4

Welcome one and all, we’re back again with Episode 4 of Season 2

We have all the usual topics for all you lovely people

Your Letters

Gowno Prawda

Today in History

An interview with a Polish lady living in Ireland

Uncle Janek

Brian’s Bog Trotters

Your Confessions/Advice Requests

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The Poland Podcast, Season 2, Episode 3

Hello everybody and thanks for rejoining us

In this episodes we have:

Your Letters/Queries

Today in History

St Patrick’s Day in Poland

Comrade Antoni joins us for a natter about Silesia

Brian’s Bog Trotters

and finally, Your Confessions

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The Poland Podcast, Season 2, Episode 1



We’re back Baby!

Season 2 of The Poland Podcast kicks off tonight.

Here’s our topics for our first episode back:

WTF’s been happening in Poland since you last heard us

Gowno Prawda! (Bullshit!)

Today in History

Fat Thursday/Herring Day/Lent is Bullshit

Uncle Janek pays us a visit

Our Bar/Restaurant Review

Brian’s Bog Trotters

& Confessions/Advice

It’s great to be back and thanks for listening

Episode 21, Eastern Easter

We’re back after the Easter break!

This week we have a good old chat about Easter in Poland and all that it entails. It’s something quite strange for people from Ireland and the UK since it’s taken so seriously here.

We also talk about our usual Song, Beer and Meeting of the week.

Thanks for listening.

Episode 16, Working in Poland


Just myself and Peadar de Burca joing you all today.

And we get together over a beer (or two, or more) and have a natter about our experiences of working here in Poland.

What lies in store for foreigners who move here and  some advice for if you’re thinking of heading over here.

We’re got our Beer of the Week, a lovely one from Krakow.

Peadar became an emergency car mechanic in our Random Meeting of the Week.

And for our Song of the Week we get our hate on for a god-awful singer-songwriter.



Episode 13, Drinking in Poland

Hello again!

We’re back on safer ground this week folks, our English amigos are still away but will return next week.

After last week’s heavy topic of politics we decided to take on something every single Irish man knows plenty about; drinking.

What’s different about drinking in Poland? Vodka! Lots and lots of vodka.

We’ll tell you how to tame the beast and a few stories of what we’ve been getting up to.

Thanks for listening, g’luck.

Episode 11, What We Miss from Home & What Poland Does Better

As it says on the tin folks!

Blue Monday has just passed and the post-Christmas/January Blues ain’t easy to shake off.

With Nick back in the UK for the weekend, we have a natter about the things we miss from home, the things we don’t and what Poland does better.

G’luck, don’t be shy about getting in touch. We all love to hear from you.

Episode 5, The Christmas Special


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and other occupants of this god-forsaken galaxy, welcome one and all to the very special Christmas episode of The Poland Podcast.

It’s all here, we complain about Polish in-laws ruining, or at least attempting to ruin, Christmas.

Drinking over the Christmas period in Poland, or the lack thereof.

Presents! The absolute practically of gift giving in Poland. Who needs an Xbox One when you can have an axe?

Carp! Feckin carp, we get to the bottom of this disgusting fish and the vast amounts of food consumed in Poland on Christmas Eve.

We sample a few well-known Polish Christmas carols, such as:

Przybiezeli do Betlejem

Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy

Z Kopyta Kulig Rwie

Bedzie Koleda Skaldowie

All of which are nothing but lovely.

And finally we come up with a new badly-needed tradition for St. Stephen’s Day….or ‘Boxing Day’ if you insist on being difficult.

Merry Christmas everybody, hope you all have a mighty one. Fingers crossed we’ll get some snow in Poland!