The Poland Podcast, The Best of Gówno Prawda (Bullshit)




Hope you’re all having a mighty summer

As you can tell we’re all on a bit of a break thanks to summer and schools closing and running away from the Pope etc.

So over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some of the best bits of Season 2

Today we have The Best of Gówno Prawda (Bullshit)

The Poland Podcast, Season 2, Episode 7

We’re back once again with Episode 7 from our second season

Today we have a natter about the usual suspects

Fan Mail & Questions

Gowno Prawda

Today in History

The second part of our interview with Irena who talks to us about her days in Solidarność during Martial Law in Poland

The new Yes/No & Random Question Generator section

& the return of Brian’s Bog Trotting

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