Episode 21, Eastern Easter

We’re back after the Easter break!

This week we have a good old chat about Easter in Poland and all that it entails. It’s something quite strange for people from Ireland and the UK since it’s taken so seriously here.

We also talk about our usual Song, Beer and Meeting of the week.

Thanks for listening.

Episode 20, We Don’t Need No Education

We’re back and we take absolutely zero interest in Easter!

So instead we have a natter about education along with our usual Beer of the Week, Song of the Week and our Random Meeting of the Week.

Hope you all enjoy Easter, even though nobody ever really enjoys Easter, but sure, have a few shots anyway and tell Uncle Jan to fuck off trying to feel you up.

Episode 19, Sporty, Sport, Sport, Sport

Another week has flown by and we’ve got a new Irishman with us this week.

We take a look at sport in Poland, the strange things that are popular here and Matt let’s us in on why Poland suck at football.

Hope you enjoy the match tonight, talk to yous all soon


Episode 18, Don’t Complain about Poland

We’re all back together as one big happy mongrel family.

Today we have a bit of a moan about Poland, what some of us don’t like about here but also what we do like.

We discuss how much Poland has changed over recent years and how we ourselves have changed too.

There’s a story about an encounter with a very strange Polish man on St. Patrick’s Day and our usual Beer and Song of the Week too.

There’s a few small places where the audio does some nasty things and we’re really sorry about that.


Episode 16, War! Huh! What is it Good For?


The gruesome twosome are back again this week.

This time around we try and make some sense of the situation in Ukraine, are we really living beside a war zone?

Will it get worse or better? And is living beside a war zone all that bad. We’re Irish, we lived only a few hours away from a faux-civil war in the 1980s & 90s.

We have our usual nuggets, our favourite Beer of the Week, a Song of the Week, from a very famous and well-loved Polish band and a differing of opinions with a cranky auld bitch of a neighbour.

You know where we are, so get in touch, we love hearing from yous.


Episode 16, Working in Poland


Just myself and Peadar de Burca joing you all today.

And we get together over a beer (or two, or more) and have a natter about our experiences of working here in Poland.

What lies in store for foreigners who move here andĀ  some advice for if you’re thinking of heading over here.

We’re got our Beer of the Week, a lovely one from Krakow.

Peadar became an emergency car mechanic in our Random Meeting of the Week.

And for our Song of the Week we get our hate on for a god-awful singer-songwriter.



Episode 15, Stereotypes

Come one, come all.

Welcome to the 15th episode of The Poland Podcast.

Today we talk about national stereotypes, what we all think of the Poles and what they think about the Irish, the British and all the other nationalities, well, the important ones anyway.

We hear about what element of truth lie behind these stereotypes and delve deep in the psych of why people think that way.

We’re bring in a few new elements this week.

We have a Polish Beer of the Week,

Polish Song of the Week,

And Strange Encounter with a Pole feature.


As always we love to hear from you all so don’t be shy about getting in touch.


Episode 14, Celebrations

We’re back baby.

Today we natter about the different celebrations celebrated in Poland during the year.

And they they all lack that little bit of fun.

And Nick goes all Louis Theroux after attending a business conference.

Don’t be shy, we’re on Facebook and Twitter so hit us up.

Episode 13, Drinking in Poland

Hello again!

We’re back on safer ground this week folks, our English amigos are still away but will return next week.

After last week’s heavy topic of politics we decided to take on something every single Irish man knows plenty about; drinking.

What’s different about drinking in Poland? Vodka! Lots and lots of vodka.

We’ll tell you how to tame the beast and a few stories of what we’ve been getting up to.

Thanks for listening, g’luck.

Episode 12, Politics!

Right, we’re bitten the bullet!

We’ve been asked about it before and knew the day would come eventually, so we’ve tackled a subject that we really, really we nervous about.

We’re probably upset you all at least once, but that’s OK, we upset ourselves all the time. What an awful world it would be if we were happy all the time. Sure we wouldn’t be people then, we’d be Canadians or something.

Anyway, pretty much everyone we talk about gets a roasting, except for Donald Tusk, Poland’s formerĀ  PM and the Irish comedian Dylan Moran. Jarek Kaczynski is so unimportant that he didn’t even warrant a mention.

Anyway, let us know what we got wrong, we love hearing for you lovely, sexy, beautiful, patient people.