Episode 12, Politics!

Right, we’re bitten the bullet!

We’ve been asked about it before and knew the day would come eventually, so we’ve tackled a subject that we really, really we nervous about.

We’re probably upset you all at least once, but that’s OK, we upset ourselves all the time. What an awful world it would be if we were happy all the time. Sure we wouldn’t be people then, we’d be Canadians or something.

Anyway, pretty much everyone we talk about gets a roasting, except for Donald Tusk, Poland’s former  PM and the Irish comedian Dylan Moran. Jarek Kaczynski is so unimportant that he didn’t even warrant a mention.

Anyway, let us know what we got wrong, we love hearing for you lovely, sexy, beautiful, patient people.


Episode 11, What We Miss from Home & What Poland Does Better

As it says on the tin folks!

Blue Monday has just passed and the post-Christmas/January Blues ain’t easy to shake off.

With Nick back in the UK for the weekend, we have a natter about the things we miss from home, the things we don’t and what Poland does better.

G’luck, don’t be shy about getting in touch. We all love to hear from you.

Episode 10, Road Rage & Grandfather’s Day

Welcome one, welcome all.

Wilkommen, fáilte roimh and witamy to the 10th (I can’t believe we made it this far either!) episode of The Poland Podcast, the podcast that almost didn’t happen.

Go easy on us though, we 3 find ourselves 850km apart this weekend so we’ve enlisted the help of skype where we natter about Law & Order in Poland, crazy drivers and a couple of incidents of road rage.

We also talk about Grandfather’s Day and a few of the other celebrations that crop up all year round in Poland.

Thanks for listening, g’luck.


Episode 9, The Youth of Poland


Welcome, welcome.


Thanks for joining us again.

This week we welcome back our wonderful English friends Nick and Matt and we gather round a multitude of microphones and cans of Tyskie beer to natter about the youths of Poland.

What does the future hold for these brave souls and what makes them different, if at all, to kids from Western Europe.

Matt gets all patriotic (for Poland) and wants the brain drain to stop and there’s a story about a kid who rather than go to the toilet alone does something different.

Thanks for listening, spread the word and, as always, feel free to get in touch with your comments and questions etc.


Episode 8, Our Polish In Laws


Well hello again,


This week we roped in a couple of friendly English gentlemen to natter about our experiences with our Polish in laws.

All will be revealed.


Thanks for listening, g’luck.

Episode 7, How to get into a Polish Girl’s Knickers

It’s 2015’s first episode for The Poland Podcast and we met two real, live Polish females.

The reason?

We wanted to find out how a foreigner can get into the undergarments of this wild, lustful beings.

If you’re a Polish man, well, it might get a bit awkward. There isn’t much love shown for you, but the ladies reveal all the tips and tricks to lure them into a lustful relationship.

Thanks for listening, g’luck.


2014’s Final Episode of The Poland Podcast


This week on the Poland Podcast we bid a fond-ish farewell to 2014.

We discuss New Years Eve, love it or hate it, it happens every year. It’s just the timing of it that’s awkward.

There’s a lesson in Geography and one in swearing.

We air our wishes for our new homeland in 2015.

We even fall foul of making a unified resolution………kinda.

Hope you all have a mighty News Years Eve and see you all in 2015.




Episode 5, The Christmas Special


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and other occupants of this god-forsaken galaxy, welcome one and all to the very special Christmas episode of The Poland Podcast.

It’s all here, we complain about Polish in-laws ruining, or at least attempting to ruin, Christmas.

Drinking over the Christmas period in Poland, or the lack thereof.

Presents! The absolute practically of gift giving in Poland. Who needs an Xbox One when you can have an axe?

Carp! Feckin carp, we get to the bottom of this disgusting fish and the vast amounts of food consumed in Poland on Christmas Eve.

We sample a few well-known Polish Christmas carols, such as:

Przybiezeli do Betlejem

Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy

Z Kopyta Kulig Rwie

Bedzie Koleda Skaldowie

All of which are nothing but lovely.

And finally we come up with a new badly-needed tradition for St. Stephen’s Day….or ‘Boxing Day’ if you insist on being difficult.

Merry Christmas everybody, hope you all have a mighty one. Fingers crossed we’ll get some snow in Poland!


Episode 4, Winter in Poland, Cranky Old Women and Jestés Bogiem, a Polish Hip Hop movie

Hello Podders!


What a Podcast we’ve got this week for you to sink your ivories into.

First up, Winter in Poland. The dreaded cold and how to cope with it……with alcohol, strong, vigorous amounts of it.

We are united in our hatred of old Polish women. You’d prefer to spend a weekend at a tax collector conference than five minutes with these mohair and church obsessed auld Biddies.

We have our usual quirky new story about a man who broke into the pub he had been drinking in to keep drinking.

Finally, we tackle an important Polish film about an influential Polish hip hop group, Paktofonika, Jestés Bogiem.

Don’t be shy about getting in touch and don’t forget the Blooper Reel at the end of the show.

Episode 3, Dog Poo, Skinny Polish Women & Finnegans Wake

Dog Poo & Cat People, Skinny Vs Curvy Women, Barbórka (Coal Miner’s Day) and an interview with the Polish man who translated James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake into Polish

Hello Podders.

We’re back baby!

In this week’s episode, we battle it out over Dog Poo & Cat People.

Polish ladies are obsessed with being skinny, so listen to our take on it.

We also take the time to salute Barbórka (Coal Miner’s Day), a day where coal miners drink their body weight in alcohol and finally we natter with the Polish man who spent 10 years translating James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake into Polish.

Along with the usual favourite Polish words of the week and our blooper reel at the end.

Don’t be shy about getting in touch, g’luck.