Episode 5, The Christmas Special


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and other occupants of this god-forsaken galaxy, welcome one and all to the very special Christmas episode of The Poland Podcast.

It’s all here, we complain about Polish in-laws ruining, or at least attempting to ruin, Christmas.

Drinking over the Christmas period in Poland, or the lack thereof.

Presents! The absolute practically of gift giving in Poland. Who needs an Xbox One when you can have an axe?

Carp! Feckin carp, we get to the bottom of this disgusting fish and the vast amounts of food consumed in Poland on Christmas Eve.

We sample a few well-known Polish Christmas carols, such as:

Przybiezeli do Betlejem

Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy

Z Kopyta Kulig Rwie

Bedzie Koleda Skaldowie

All of which are nothing but lovely.

And finally we come up with a new badly-needed tradition for St. Stephen’s Day….or ‘Boxing Day’ if you insist on being difficult.

Merry Christmas everybody, hope you all have a mighty one. Fingers crossed we’ll get some snow in Poland!


4 thoughts on “Episode 5, The Christmas Special

  1. Great episode! Though the barbaric carp killing part pretty disturbing. That’s why every December on our law faculty we hold the event against the tradition. On 24th instead of carp I’m having vegan fish called SeleRyba. The carp story was disturbing, but than came hilarious Jesus’ milk joke and great idea of French kissing tradition. Just one correction about Christmas carols, the 3rd one is by Skaldowie (famous Polish folk-rock band) and its correct title is ‘Z kopyta kulig rwie’. And, actually, it’s not a Christmas carol. Just a folk-rock song about sleigh riding. The only song that puts me into the Christmas mood is ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ by John Lennon. And Paddy, about your Marshall headphones, what a great wife you got. Are you satisfied? (with the phones :)) I know only Marshall guitar amps, but, I’ve been considering buying their headphones. Do you recommend? Merry Xmas guys!

    • Hi Tommy, thanks for the correction :)
      I’ve seen some FB groups against the keeping of live carp, I think it’s a bit barbaric on the poor fish to keep him in a bathtub for a few days before killing it.

      Yea, the Marshall headphones are mighty. The sound is really great and they’re incredibly loud too. Bit of a design flaw with the metal parts over the earphones as they can get caught in things….but saying that, they’re excellent.
      Hope you have a Merry Christmas man :)

  2. Just back from Wexford. My Mum was telling me how her mum would make xmas pudding. She’d drench it with whatever booze was going spare about every two weeks. It would be wrapped in a tea towel, hung up, and kept moist with whatever drink could be spared.

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